Staffing Solutions

Quality, Accuracy, Timely Deliver

We help you secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component to success—your people.

Fulgent Solutions has a team of highly skilled industry veterans that work together to create Customized Staffing Solutions based on organization's unique needs, industry and individual hiring requirements. By maintaining a large pool of fully qualified employees, it allows us to quickly meet the requirements and offer guaranteed results with immediate, reliable solutions to fulfill all staffing needs.

Direct Hire

Fulgent Solutions inc. will work with your HR department to plan and coordinate your staffing needs, supervise temporary worker performance, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Our professional recruiters will source, interview, administer assessment tests, background checks, and conduct reference checks to find the ideal candidates for your full-time hiring positions.

With our experience and extensive talent network, we can significantly reduce the time and effort you dedicate to finding great employees. With our direct-hire services, there is no fee to you, until you decide to hire our candidates.

Our highly confidential Executive Search process will help you locate the ideal executive for your needs. For senior level leadership positions, Professional Employment Group’s Executive Recruiting team offers contingent and retained search services. Our executive recruiters will work with you to tailor a recruiting strategy to match your specific hiring requirements. Through our extensive referral network and active direct recruiting, we will locate the best-fit executive talent.


If you’re a hiring manager, there are times when you may know of someone who could immediately add value to your group, whether it is a former employee or just an acquaintance in the industry. In such cases where a permanent position is not available, or is just not cost effective (such as a summer internship), use our payroll staffing service at Fulgent Solutions. Let us incur the overhead costs, such as state and federal taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance, unemployment and other associated fees incurred when placing someone on payroll.

Contract to Permanent Staffing

Do you want to hire our consultants? You can have them. We understand finding hard-working professionals who fit into your company’s long-term business plans can sometimes be difficult. Because of this, Fulgent Solutions gives our valued clients opportunity to hire our consultants directly. We will release any one of our consultants after a six (6) month period of contingent contract employment. This contract to permanent staffing arrangement allows both sides to ensure the opportunity is a long-term fit from both a technical and personal perspective

Contract Staffing

A popular alternative to full-time employment is Fulgent Solutions, Inc. contract offering. Fulgent Solutions’ consultants are W-2 employees who are eligible for benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, paid time off and our 401k after 6 months of employment.

Workforce Transitioning

we supported client workforce transitions for our clients with navigating change and reducing human capital risk. We recognized whether a client is experiencing growth, evaluating a merger, an acquisition, or reduction in force, it has been determined that creating a human resource project management plan ensures more effective & efficient workforce transitions.

The activities surrounding these events are diverse and typically include an assessment phase, implementation strategy, event process support and post-event management. And no matter how insignificant a transition may seem, these types of changes effect your workforce in dramatic ways including confusion of roles, employee disengagement, lost productivity and increased risk of losing your top talent

In fact, industry research over the last 15 years indicates that 50-70% of all mergers, acquisitions, and other work force transformations do not achieve their desired level of success, primarily due to people issues.

With our project management methodology, we can successfully manage all aspects of workforce transition efficiently and effectively.

IC Validation

According to Staffing Industry Analysts' 2009 Buyer Survey, less than 20% of all employers are confidently aware about the 100% compliance of all their 1099/independent contractors. The research also found that, larger company size leads to further doubts in compliancy.

Fulgent Solutions offers IC validation and compliance services that directly address all IRS guidelines. Our services apply directly to 1099/independent contractors and subcontractors.